Organ - book shop

The organ-book shop Le Turlutain

We have recently started our production of Laser cut organ books,

Our organ-books are Laser cut with high precision from high quality cardboard,

For a video of the Laser-cutting please click here

For the moment we produce books for the 24, 27, and 29 scale mechanical organs as well as 27 and 29 note pneumatic instruments, and also for the 35 note Limonaire organs,

Later on we will be able to cut also 36 note Thibouville books and music for 42 note (Odin) instruments as well as less common music supports such as cardboard (presspahn) discs for different scales, cardboard strips for music boxes (pling-plong), and 14 and 16 note scales for smaller organs and organettes,

Our system allows also the engraving and cutting of thin (up to 6 mm) wood panels for the production of badges or other decorative objects,

If you are interested in these new items do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail indicating the type of instruments you have, so that we can forward you further information on advancements in our activities,